Category: Preservation

Basic repackage completed

By , July 16, 2010 11:06 am

The basic repackage of the collection is now complete. Various metal fastenings have been removed and the items are now enclosed in archival quality acid-free folders and boxes. The photographs in the collection will need further repackaging, probably into melinex (inert polyester) wallets. As the project progresses our in-house professional conservators will be looking at bespoke packaging for various items in the collection together with some repair work. Many of Sassoon’s notebooks and diaries have loosened bindings and softened, torn edges caused by repeated handling.

On rearrangement and paperclips

By , May 28, 2010 4:23 pm

Something of a milestone in the cataloguing process has been reached today; the material has now been placed physically into the intellectual system of arrangement outlined in the post of 26 May. So far rearrangement has reached what is generally known as ‘item’ level (i.e. where an ‘item’ refers to a volume or bundle that will be treated as one discrete object). A decision will need to be made at a later date if any of the bundles of correspondence and papers merit rearrangement at ‘piece level’ or whether their original order should be maintained.

Some basic repackaging to aid the preservation of the material has also begun. In particular this means replacing metal items like paperclips, staples and treasury tags with brass paperclips; and plastic items like document wallets and polythene bags with folders made from acid free card. With this collection this is largely a precautionary measure as the paperclips found so far have not been exposed to the kind of atmospheric conditions that induces rust. In any case the temperature and humidity controlled stacks which the material will be kept in here at Cambridge University Library will inhibit further corrosion.